Our Work

Our services run deep and are backed by over twenty years of experience.

Monday Night Football Feature

San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Solomon Thomas works hard on the field and says he plays for his sister, who took her own life earlier this year.

The Boathouse: Columbia Rowing

A documentary about the 2016 team’s miraculous IRA national championship win entitled ”The Boathouse: Columbia University Rowing.” The film’s national premiere brought alumni from across the United States to Columbia’s campus.

Animation Reel

A quick sizzle of our most recent animation clips

Newspaper & Photo Design

Basketball: A Love Story

Here are some examples of our original designs for the look and feel for this doc. While it changed enormously from original design, we felt we could show these as examples of what we are capable of doing.

30 for 30 Reels

We have worked on multiple films, trailer, and deliverables for dozens of 

Kevin Burns Reel

Kevin Burns reel of some of the recent films and projects we have worked on

E:60 Project
Music Video
Prax Air

Cinema 4D & After Effects combined to create a series of 60 and 30 second international spots.

The Contract

 ESPN | After Effects designs and creations for this short feature

Esports: #Ninja

 ESPN | Editor & Producer 

Color Reel

2017 Color Reel

Le Meridan

Starwood Hotels Animations