Avid Help Commands List

Just for all of you Avid geeks like us looking for the list… can always be found by typing $ commands help into your console:
help commands
aafexport — export selected items from named bin as aaf files.
aafklv — Enable KLV AAF export format.
aaflog — Sets AAF Import logging.
add — Add an expression to a variable.
admcset — Set ADMCMaster params
admdtib — Dump Time In Buffer after Execute()
admpassthru — Enable/Disable OSX software audio passthru.
admpreload — Set the ADM preload amount
admvsync — Toggle ADM vsync synchronization
AllDrives — Allows all drives to act as media drives. (Type ‘AllDrives -1’ for help)
AllowAVCSplicerFixHeaders — Command to toggle fixing frame headers for supported encoding in AVC Splicer.
AllowMemoryDomainDoubling — Tells the editor to use less memory at the cost of performance when doubling is disabled. It is always disabled in 32-bit operating systems.
AllowSubframeMismatch — Enable/Disable subframe mismatch allowance during Dynamic relink.
AllowUNCWrite — Allow writing to UNC paths. Persistent.

AlwaysPrintLog — Always print console to log.
AMA — Display a list of the AMA console commands.
AMA_AvidMXF — Enable/Disable Avid MXF MSP plug-in
AMA_EnableAAFdump — Set the boolean to enable AAF dumping to the temp folder.
AMA_EnableDumpDIDView — Set the boolean to enable DigitalImageDescriptor bonds box dumping to the console.
AMA_ForceSPAAF — Set to force SPAAF generation on AMA IP check-in
AMA_GetLoggingLevel — Get the AMA logging level: Errors=0x0, warnings=0x01, verbose=0x02, trace=0x04, info=0x08, all=>0xff
AMA_ListComponents — List AMA Plugin Components
AMA_ListPlugins — List AMA Plugins
AMA_ManagerDump — Dump the AMA_Manager
AMA_MSPBlowover — Set the AMA MSP Blowover check bits to automatically refresh clips based on media file replacement:
ShowCurrent<0, None=0x0, AppResume=0x1, BinOpen=0x2, ProjectIdle=0x4, ProjectResume=0x8, All=0xf
AMA_SetCachedBitRateLimit — Sets maximum bit rate for cached AMA video material (set to 0 to disable)
AMA_SetLoggingLevel — Set the AMA logging level: errors=0x1, warnings=0x02, verbose=0x04, trace=0x08, info=0x10, all=>0xff
AMA_Settings_WaitImageSeq — Always wait for a response from the ImageSequencer plug-in if it is presented.
AMA_ShowDebug — Enable the debug OsPrintfs to give more information to the status of the threads
AME_RM_LoggingEnable — Enable AME Resource Manager logging.
ameAMAFI_GetFileCacheSizeGB — Returns current file cache size
ameAMAFI_SetEffReadState — Changes state (enabled, disabled, dynamic) of block-aligned reads in feeder. Block size depends on storage type
ameAMAFI_SetFileCacheSizeGB — Sets file cache size. Note: if size is reduced then current file cache will be invalidated
analytics — Analytics info service
analyticsinfo — Analytics data to be sent
answer — Present a popup with 1-3 choices, and return the response
AROaddClient — adds a machine name or IP address to the list of authorized clients for the Avid Remote Objects server
AROdebug — enable or disable debugging statements in the Avid Remote Objects server
AROlog — enable or disable logging traffic for the Avid Remote Objects server
AROremoveClient — removes a machine name or IP address from the list of authorized clients for the Avid Remote Objects server
AROstart — starts the Avid Remote Objects server
AROstartqeventfilter — Starts ARO’s ability to filter QEvents
AROstartqtimer — Starts ARO’s QTimer and sets the interval to specified value in ms
AROstatus — display status for the Avid Remote Objects server
AROstop — shuts down and unloads the Avid Remote Objects server
AROstopqeventfilter — Stops ARO’s ability to filter QEvents
AROstopqtimer — Stops ARO’s QTimer
AROusenotificationqevents — Enables or disables the AROProcessEvent QEvent handling
asiocontrol — Open ASIO Control Panel
asserT — Assert that a given condition is true or generate an exception.
AsyncGPUThread — AsyncGPUThread – toggle to control how deferred tasks for GPU FX and GPU FTC are executed
AsyncResColumnDrawing —
AtticInfo — Toggles displaying attic related information to user
audiobuffertime — Set Nitris audio playback buffer size in microseconds
audioextras — Enable or disable extra audio features
AudioHWCalibration — Displays and allows for setting the software side of Audio Hardware Calibration
audioinputclocking — Enables the audio project setting checkbox for “Sync to Input” clocking
audiopreread — Set the audio preread amount in seconds
audioprocesswindow — Time, in microseconds, for each iteration of audio processing
AudioRateMonVerbose — Set AudioRateMonitor console logging
audiosrmtol — Set sample rate measurement tolerance in samples per second.
audiovoicecount — Set maximum number of audio voices
AvidCode —
aviddevicehwunderrun — Enable/Disable HW Underrun detection.
aviddeviceinfo — Displays information about attached video I/O hardware
avslog — Routing of Video Slave logs to console or output
avslogmask — Routing of Video Slave logs to console or output
avsprmdel — Set Prime delay in loops.
avstrc — Delay Tracing and Override. Traces coincidence point and StartIO timings. Allows to override.
AVXRedrawRate — Change the millisecond rate that background windows are refreshed
AVXSetupCleanup — AVXSetupCleanup on/off
AVXToggleAltFrameOpt — Toggles GetAlternateFrame UI Optimization
BackgroundBinSave — Enable/Disable Background Bin Save
BackRevCC — Copy sequence for Symphony Meridien CC Relationship compatibility
BinSaveThreads — Set/Get number of saving threads
blipstats — Blip Play Stats
BlitStallParams — Sets blit stall for debug params. frequency in frame times, duration in ms
bob_addrequests — Sets a number of requests to increase the output display list size due to Video Output
BoundsMixMatch — Enable/Disable support for bounds mix & match.
BuildTrace —
bvocafope — VDM3_BobVideoOut CalculateAccurateFrame printf enable.
bvoerpe — VDM3_BobVideoOut Execute printf enable.
bvosetspring — VDM3_BobVideoOut Set spring limit. Enter negative value to display current limit.
CacheBadLocators — Enables/disables caching of bad network paths for batch import
CaptureJ2K — Enables J2K Capture
CaptureMPEG — Enables MPEG Baseband Capture
CapturePreallocation — Enable/Disable media file preallocation on capture
cat_enableLGObjectPool — Enable/Disable Global Object Pool in CATLGDecodeCvtr
cat_enableObjectPool — Enable/Disable Global Object Pool in CATIFDecodeCvtr
cat_numCodecs — Sets number of codecs in CATIFDecodeCvtr
cat_numCSPThreads — Sets number of threads per codec in CATCSPLGDecodeCvtr

cat_numThreads — Sets number of threads per codec in CATIFDecodeCvtr
cat_SetCSPDecodedCacheSize — Sets size of decoded cache for CSP Long GOP decoder

cat_SetCSPLGDecoderAheadSize — Command to set number of ahead requests for CSP decoder

cat_ToggleCSPDecoderAsyncCleanup — Toggles asynchronous task for cleaning the CSP decoder up

cat_ToggleCSPDecoderAsyncCopying — Toggles asynchronous task for request completion in CSP decoder

cat_ToggleWatchdog — Toggles watchdog that detects player control thread freeze

CCGPUPipeline_SF — Toggle allowing GPU Pipeline for Single Frame Player in CC.
ChangeGammaOnExport — This will apply a Gamma change when exporting to H.264, Photo JPEG and MPEG-4 codecs in QuickTime
ChangeProjType — Change the project type
ChangeXDCAMReadFlags — Changes the XDCAM read flags. Boolean UseDirectIO param specifies using DirectIO/BufferedIO. Integer PageSizeKb param specifies read sizes (only 64, 128, 256 are supported)
CheckAndRepairMob —
CheckCommands —
CheckDecks — Re-initializes serial communications with decks
checkIngestCount — Returns how many in progress ingests are scheduled from a standalone TM
CheckSequences — Check sequences for errors
ChromaFilt411 — Apply chroma filtering during DV25 title renders
ChromaHueReverse — Reverses the Software Color Effect Chroma Hue rotation
CleanFiller — Checks filler for empty attribute lists. Removes empty attribute lists in filler if ‘CleanFiller 1’ is used
cleanupdatabases —
ClearBinWriteStatus — Clear Bin Write Status
ClearCache — Clear the Cache
ClearCachedLocators — Clears cached markers found during batch import
ClearCacheEntry — Clear a Cache Entry for Frame
ClearInProgress — Clear InProgress List
ClearMappers — Clear Cached Mappers – Bool Force (False by Default)
ClearPersistentPerformance — Clear Persistent Performance
ClearProtocolErrors — Resets protocol error logs
ClearSecondary — Clear Secondary Buffers
clearSourcePath — Clear Source Path of master clips in the specified bin. WARNING this is a destructive command!
ClickDetector — Turn click detection on/off
ClickDetectorParams — Set click detection options
ClientMonTest — Start and end the gathering of timing statistics for the AVX2 client monitor interface test.
CloseAllAVXPlugins — Close down all AVX plug-ins
cmd_setImportSlideLength — Sets the number of frames for subsequent imports of single frame graphics.
cmdDumpPrecomputes — Display a list of precomputes for the current project
CodecInfo — Extract codecs info from Compression Manager and save in a header file
CodecLog — Show codec error log.
dump – dump tail (most recent) portion of logs to the console (use Redir first to dump to file)
dumpall – dump all logs to the console (use Redir first to dump to file)
on – show the logs in the console as they come in
off – do not show the logs in the console as they come in
level – set the log level, higher level for more logs, must also specify level parameter

ColorMixMatch — Enable/Disable support for color mix & match.
CompareGroups — Compare 2 groups selected in bin
ConcurrentLocators — enables concurrent markers
Console — Type ‘Console help’ for complete help.
consoleloG — Turns Console logging on and off.
consolelogofF — Turns Console logging off.
consoleWindow —
ConsolidateGroupsOnExport — Toggles whether or not group clips are consolidated on export.
convertavs_bypassscale — Toggle bypassing the scale call in convert AVS.
convertavsacpl —
ConvertAVSMT —
CoreEvent — Type ‘CoreEvent help’ for complete help.
CoreEventLogger — Type ‘CoreEventLogger help’ for complete help.
CountRenderedFX — Counts the number of fully rendered effects in the sequence in the record monitor
CountThings — Display count and list of all consumers/converters/producers in current pipes
CPP — Clear Persistent Performance
CreateFFMedia — Toggle creation of Side-by-Side in place of Full Frame.
csint — Set control surface refresh interval between 0 and 1000 ms.
DebugACFMemAllocation — Toggle debugging info for the ACFMemAllocation interface
debugadm — Debug audio device manager
DebugMenu —
DebugWin —
DefaultImageStartAlignment — Sets the default value of image start alignment
DesktopSampleOffset — Set the sample offset to sync desktop audio and video
DeveloperDongleMode — Enables or disables DeveloperDongle privileges
dfmreload —
DigitalCutFrames —
digitalCutPlayDelay — Set the timeout value to wait before starting player when doing Digital Cut
DigitalCutPlayerCycles — Set minimum player cycles for UI update.
DigitizeFrames — Set the number of frames of coincidence for digitize
Disable3D — Disables 3DFX on subsequent launches
DisableNewStyleMulticam — Disables new style multicam
DisableSearch — Disables Search client support on subsequent launches.
DisableSWDecode — Disables SW Decode of specified resolutions…
DisableSWEncode — Disables SW Encode of specified resolutions…
disco —
DisplayControllerTraffic — Display controller messages to Composer
diva — Hidden command to enable using hidden commands.
DoFtlAssert — DoFtlAssert behavior.
dontSave — Enable/Disable skip bin save prompt when bin is locked.
DontWrite — Enable/Disable DIDWriter
DPP — Dump Persistent Performance Stats to File
DPPE — Dump Persistent Performance Effects Stats to File
dpSetRealm — Allows overriding the realm, not persistent
dump —
dumpampimixer — Prints out the AMPI mixer signal net
DumpAVCSplicerOutput — Developer command to dump Splicer output
DumpAVCSplicerStats — Command to on/off dumping AVC Splicer stats
DumpCachedFrameData — Dump the Cache Information depending on Param – Dup or All or FrameNo
DumpClipSummary — Dump a summary of clips found in the currently loaded sequence.
By default, all tracks in the sequence are checked, ignoring any In-Out marks.
DumpComponent — Dumps a Component to the console.
DumpEffectDepth — DumpEffectDepth on/off
DumpEffectPalette — Dumps registered FX inside the Effect Windows (Dev Only)
DumpFXLocation — Dump a list of effects found in the currently loaded sequence with track and timecode location information.
By default, all tracks in the sequence are checked, ignoring any In-Out marks.
DumpFXSummary — Dump a summary of effects found in the currently loaded sequence.
By default, all tracks in the sequence are checked, ignoring any In-Out marks.
dumpinputmixer — Dump state of input mixer
DumpLocalVolumes — Dumps LocalVolume list.
DumpMachineAttributes — Displays template attributes for each machine
DumpMachineTemplates — Displays deck templates read into system
DumpMappers — Dump Mappers Info
DumpMaxPeaks — Display Audio Meter Max Peaks
DumpMediaFilePaths — Enables print of media file paths during creation of media files.
dumpmetertimestats — Dump stats on the meters
DumpMob — Dumps a Mob to the console.
DumpOverrunInfo — Dump error logs after overruns.
DumpPersistentPerformance — Dump Persistent Performance Stats to File
DumpPersistentPerformanceBW — Dump Persistent Performance BW Stats to File
DumpPersistentPerformanceEffects — Dump Persistent Performance Effects Stats to File
dumppmr — dumppmr drive
drive is the refnum of the drive to be dumped
No drive means all mobs on all drives including well known mobs are to be dumped.
If drive is wkm, only the well known mobs are to be dumped.
If drive is mdirs, only media directories with their drives refnums are to be dumped

DumpProtocolErrors — Displays serial communications errors
DumpQMCacheBySM —
DumpRecordMon —
DumpRenderGraph — Enable the Player to dump Render Graph optional argument: repeat = continually dump render graphgs, none = turn it off
DumpSourceMon —
DumpSourceSummary — Dump a summary of sources found in the currently loaded sequence.
By default, all tracks in the sequence are checked, ignoring any In-Out marks.
DumpStartupTimeLog — Dumps startup time log info – does not reset data
DumpStreamCutterInput — Command to on/off dumping StreamCutter intput
dumpthreadstate — Display information about threads.
DumpTimeStampLog — Dump time stamps. Usage DumpTimeStamps [reset]
DumpVolumeGroups — Dumps list of VolumeGroups.
DumpVolumes — Dumps internal volume list.
DupeDetectFilmToggle — Use the Tape offset in place of the Film offset for Dupe Detection in the Timeline
dxaudiorecordoffset — Set record offset required for round trip sync (DX only)
EatMem — Allocate memory to stress the application.
EatMem [NbMegs] to allocate memory,
EatMem [0] to free any already allocated memory
ebi —
echo — Enables or disables echoing script commands to the console.
EmbedDNXCC — Toggles whether to embed closed captioning in DNX media.
EmbedDNXCCdefault — Sets ancillary data slot defaults.
EmbedDNXCCOptions — Sets the options for ancillary data in DNX media. (slot DID SDID on)
Enable3D — Enables 3DFX on subsequent launches
EnableBinDialogue — Toggles displaying Bin dialogue to user during Bin operations
EnableBinXMLDump — Toggles dumping of bins to XML during bin save
EnableDragDropLogging — Enable/Disable drag/drop logging
enableHD — Reset the firehose board and get out of the decoder hung state.
EnableNewStyleMulticam — Enables new style multicam
EnablePCEdit —
EnablePlayLoopThreading — Enables or disables internal threading of the player execution loop
EnableSearch — Enables Search client support for bin text and PhraseFind search on subsequent launches.
enableSTPAlwaysRender — enable Always Re-render on Send to Playback
enableSTPTranscode — enable STP transcode functionality in Standalone TM editors.
EnableSTWGLengthCheck — Sets length in minutes to check for on Send to Workgroup
EnableSWCC — Enables software color correction
EnableSWDecode — Enables SW Decode of specified resolutions…
EnableSWEncode — Enables SW Encode of specified resolutions…
EnableTimeStampLogger — Enable/Disable timestamp logging
EnableTruncateWarning — Enable/Disable Bin Text Truncate Warning
EncodeAVCHD — Enables AVC HD Encode
EncodeMPEG2IFrame — Enables MPEG2 I Frame Encode
EncodeMPEG4 — Enables MPEG4 Encode
eqt —
euccaccel — Set CC Acceleration Curve
euchhd — EUCON Channels Hide
ewcguard — Sets or views the Edit While Capture guard band size, in seconds.
ExceptOnTag — Debug Only tool – streaming Play will raise an exception when target exec tag has completed.
ExcludeDynamicAVX2EffectAdd — Add Named AVX2 Effect to List of Excluded Dynamic Effects that contain provided string parameter
ExcludeDynamicAVX2EffectClear — Clear the List of Known Exclude Dynamic Effects
ExcludeDynamicAVX2EffectDelete — Delete Named AVX2 Effect from List of Excluded Dynamic Effects that contain provided string parameter
ExcludeDynamicAVX2EffectList — List current Known Excluded Dynamic Effects
ExcludeDynamicAVX2EffectScan — Scan and List all AVX2 Effects that contain provided string parameter
ExecScriptFile — Load a script file & execute any non-definition commands.
exiT — Exit a script.
Expect — Assert that every line in a block will generate a given exception.
ExternalDynamicAVX2EffectAdd — Add Named AVX2 Effect to List of Known Dynamic Effects that contain provided string parameter
ExternalDynamicAVX2EffectClear — Clear the List of Known External Dynamic Effects
ExternalDynamicAVX2EffectDelete — Delete Named AVX2 Effect from List of Known Dynamic Effects that contain provided string parameter
ExternalDynamicAVX2EffectList — List current Known External Dynamic Effects
ExternalDynamicAVX2EffectReset — Reset the Known External Dynamic Effects List to Default
ExternalDynamicAVX2EffectScan — Scan and List all AVX2 Effects that contain provided string parameter
FakeDeck — Uses a ‘virtual’ deck for deck control
fatal — Abort a script with an assertion ‘fatal’ error message.
FileCacheTargets — Changes which items go into the file cache
FindMFX — Finds motions effects in source clips
ForceAcqRelUpdate — Toggle between forcing DX HW to be reprogrammed (Persistent)

ForceAutoSave — Dirties all open bins and makes an auto save happen in 5 seconds.
ForceCheckin — Toggles forced full checkin on and off.
ForceFont — Toggles Title Tool to always use the Font in the Font menu regardless of Input Language
ForceHDTranscode — Force Transcode of HD to SD when Digital Cutting HD material in a SD Project.
ForceImportResolve — Forces all imported mobs to wn the mob resolution. Non-persistent.

forceQTImport — Toggles usage of Quicktime to import image files that will not import normally.This will increase import time.
ForceRgbCompositing — ForceRgbCompositing [on = Force compositing in RGB(444), off = Restore default compositing]
ForceVideoUnderrun — Forces video underruns. (Type: ‘ForceVideoUnderrun -1’ for full help.)
foreach — Foreach statement using a comma separated list.
forEachBinMob — Executes a command for each Mob.
forEachMob —
FrameRateMixMatch — Enable/Disable support for frame rate mix & match.
FSP — Full Screen Playback: ‘FSP Help’ for more info
ftc_toggleallowgpu — Toggle Allow FTC on GPU.
ftc_togglecorecounting — Toggle tracking of CPU Core utilization for FTC.
FTCA — FTCA [1 = Enable AlphaMono handling, 2 = Disable AlphaMono handling]
FTCQ — FTCQ [1 = Speed over quality, 2 = Quality over speed]
FTCTC — FTCTC [< 0 = display current value, >= 0 = set the FTC IL processor TBB concurrency]
FTF — Feature Toggle File overrides
FTFChainedToggles — Prints state of chained feature toggles.
FTFDefaults — Feature Toggle File default toggle data as a JSON.
FtlAssert — FtlAssert behavior.
FullQualFX — Allows Full Quality Play with SWRTFX
fxacplgraph — Dumps ACPL execution graph
FXDump — Dumps registered FX
FXGIMASYNC — GIM async mode enable/disable
FXGOMASYNC — GOM async mode enable/disable
FXRenderMethod — FXRenderMethod [1 = Synchronous [default], 2 = Synch/DefTask, 3 = Async (limited), 4 = Async (multi-class), 5 = Async (multi-instance), 6 = Async (full CPU), 7 = Async (full CPU/GPU)
FXSampleTracker — FXSampleTracker – toggle to control whether or not input and samples are tracked for FX
GammaConform — GammaConform toggle 8 bit color correction gamma control range between 16-235/0-255
getBuildDate — Return build date
GetLastAVCSplicerDumpName — Command to retrieve last dump name
GetSegmentedIndexProcessing — Show use of Segmented Index processing
giantmsg — huge dialog
Global — Create a global variable.
GPP — Display a graph of the player pipes (and, optionally, vdm devices) from the current player
GPPOptions — Sets options for the GraphPlayerPipes/GPP commands. Type GPPOptions help for more information.
GraphPlayerPipes — Display a graph of the player pipes from the current SF & RT players
GraphPlayerPipesRemote — Dumps dotty description of player pipes (and, optionally, vdm devices) from the current player to remote console
HDTitleFilter — Enable/Disable filtering of HD titles and mattes for downconvert to SD.
help — Help the user.
IAC — Display a list of the In-AppCommerce console commands.
IAC_ClearCookies — Clears the web cookies and cache
IAC_Disable — Disables In-AppCommerce UI and support on subsequent launches
IAC_DisableHelp — Disables IAC Help UI and support on subsequent launches
IAC_DisableStore — Disables IAC Store UI and support on subsequent launches
IAC_Enable — Enables In-AppCommerce UI and support on subsequent launches.
IAC_EnableHelp — Enables IAC Help UI and support on subsequent launches.
IAC_EnableStore — Enables IAC Store UI and support on subsequent launches.
IAC_GetUrl —
IAC_GotoUrl —
IAC_History —
IAC_RereadCookies — reread cookies
IAC_WriteCookies — write cookies
iF — iF statement (scripts only).
Single-statement if structure:
iF cond THEN stmt [ELSE stmt]
iF condition THEN statement
[ELSE statement]
iF condition
THEN statement
[ELSE statement]
Multiple-statement if structure:
iF condition
THEN Statement-List
iF condition THEN
ELSE statement
iF condition
THEN Statement-List
ELSE Statement-List
If statements are valid in scripts only.
IgnoreQTRate — This will ignore the edit rate in a Quicktime file and import the file as if it is sampled at the current project rate
IgnoreStreamLimit — set whether to ignore stream limits or not
ImageCache — Setting up and print Image Cache statistics.
ImportEvents — See more detailed import events.
ImportMobResolverDebug — Enable debug printing during import mob resolver operations.
ImportP2CardContent — ImportP2CardContent
iNewsDebug — Temporary debugging for iNews Capture Mgr Control
InteractiveFrameCacheDebug — Activate/Deactivate interactive cache debug for both VEC and MFC
InteractiveFrameCacheDebugHitMiss — Activate/Deactivate interactive cache debug for Hit/Miss
InteractiveFrameCacheMFC — Activate/Deactivate interactive cache for MFC
InteractiveFrameCacheVEC — Activate/Deactivate interactive cache for VEC
Jajko — Toggle jajko
LBDebug — Sets debugging flags in the buildpipes load balancing code
lmastats — Print Large-Memory Allocation Stats to Console:
lmastats perf [clear] = Performance Stats
lmastats domains [mark] = Allocation Domain Stats
lmastats usage = Allocation Usage Stats and Limits
LoadBalancingOOC — Toggle negotiation of Load Balancing OOC.
LockMixdownMem — Toggle locking down of memory for mixdowns
Log —
LogCalls — Direct all calls to Avidtalk commands into the logfile.
LogClaims —
LogCompMgrCalls — Enables logging of Compression Manager
LogLocateBuffers — Enables/disables locate buffer log
LogLoopPlay — Toggle the logging of Loop Play
LogOnException — When enabled, generates coreevent log on first player exception.
LogStack — Start logging stack calls for logger.
LogTest — Test the log file triggers
logthread — Add a thread to the list of threads to log.
logthreadmode — Specify desitination for thread logging events.
ltcphase — Set LTC phase offset in frames (+1, -1, or 0)
MacLegacyFileLocators — Enable or disable saving legacy encoding in mac file locators. (Mac only)
marksdelay — Sets the delay to redraw marks in the viewer while scrubbing with audio. Default is 500 msec.
MarkToLoopDelay —
MCFAX — Show me the MCFAX!
mcsessionlog — Toggles MCSession logging on and off
MCSI — Experimental dialog for turning on and off options to debug sluggishness issues.
mcssf — Toggle to display the count of skipped and played frames in the console at the end of streaming play at the Queue Level.
mdo — Sets display options for dumping Mobs to the Console. (shortcut for MobDumpOptions)
MeridienColorFX — Rotates hue on all color effects in sequence
meterupdateinterval — Set or show audio meter update interval in milliseconds
midi002 — Enable or disable Digi 002 as MIDI control surface on Mac
MixdownDebug — displays debug info during Mixdown in app console
mixer — Command exposing sub-commands relevant to mixer. Supports `fader` and `meter` subcommands.

MixMatchRefreshPrompt — Enable/Disable prompt for automatic refresh of Motion Adapters in sequences loaded into monitors.
mixtool — Open deprocated mix tool
MMLogin — Production Management Login command. Note: if one of the params has a dash you must quote the string.

MobDumpOptions — Sets display options for dumping Mobs to the Console.
MobSummary — Displays a one-line summary of a Mob.
MonCon — Set MonCon viewer mode any/gpu/cpu/off/on/auto. (If off, DesktopDisplay/Desktopconsumer will be used.
moncondel — Set MonCon delay (frames)
moncondelaymsec — Set MonCon delay (msec)
MonConShowSkippedFrames — Toggle to display the count of skipped and played frames in the console at the end of streaming play at the Queue Level.
MonitorProtocol — Select protocol to monitor
monptdrpl — Set dropped frame limit to abort play. Limit is inclusive. Limit is the delta between 2 consecutive frames. Usually > 1. Disable: 0
monptlog — Enable logging of all blit events. Disable: 0, Enable: 1
monptloga — Enable logging of blit anomalies when delta frame(s) is not frames. Usually 1. Disable: 0
MotionFXSize — MotionFXSize on/off
MpegExportOptions — Flip MPEG Export Option.
verbose – turn on/off debug messages.
elementary – turn on/off elementary stream keeping.
splicing – turn on/off splicing.
VBV – observe/ignore VBV constraint.

msm — Type ‘msm help’ for complete help.
MSMContinuousBG — Run AsyncMSMRescan continuously for debugging
MsmIsOnlineFileCheck — true means IsOnline uses filesystem (slower, accurate) vs cache (faster, less accurate).
MSMMediaToolFullScan — MSM Always Full MSMRescan on launch of Media Tool. This command is for debugging purposes only.

msmpendingpoll —
MSMRescanFGRepeat — Always Run Foreground MSMRescan when idle for debugging
MSMRescanShowProgress — Show Progress Bar for all MSM Scans Toggle (Persistent)
MulticamPreload — Allows the user to override the default number of frames to pre-load when beginning multicam playback. This can help reduce dropped frames.
multichannelpipes — Toggles building multichannel pipes for interleaved media
MultithreadFX — Toggles multithreaded rendering of FX
NegotiateBayer — Toggle negotiation of Bayer pattern converter effect for ProResRAW.
NegotiateColorspace — Toggle negotiation of colorspace converter effect for ACES.
NextProgressWindowStyle — NextProgressWindowStyle
noFakeDeck — disables FakeDeck
nps — Toggle to display StreamingPlay Consumer statistics in the console at the end of streaming play.
OMMCheckAllMasterMobs — Ask asset mgr about all master mobs in a bin, not just mobs on shared storage(toggle)
on — Define an event handler.
openBin — Open a Bin.
OpenProject —
OsPrintf — Enables/Disables OsPrintf. Type ‘OsPrintf help’ for complete help.
OsPrintfFlush — Flush the memory buffer to disk. Type ‘OsPrintf help’ for complete help.
PaintFX — Toggles paint effects implementation to select new or legacy implementation
PaneIDkey — sets up F12 to be the Pane Dump key
PaneIDToolTips — Toggle paneID tooltip
ParseMobStreamMetaData — Parse media stream for special metadata.
PauseToStopDelay —
pcmrt — PCM – Press/Release Reset Threshold in seconds (default: 0.25, min: 0.1, max: 2.0)
pcmundo — PCM – Undo Reset Time in seconds (default: 1.0, min: 0.5, max: 5.0)
PerfBufLevel — Sets buffering performance level
PerfBufParams — Sets buffering performance parameters: collection interval and max collection records to keep. An interval of -1 set params to no-op
perfmonwin — toggles Dynamic buffering performance window
PerfTest — Peformance Tests
PinnacleOptions — Change MPEG Export Pinnacle Encoder Options.
PlayLength —
playStats — play stats command
powerman — Enable/Disable handling Power Management broadcast messages from OS
PrintACFDefinition — List the registered ACF Component definitions.
PrintACFPluginInfo — List the registered ACF Plugin information.
PrintBBPAllocs — Print the current allocations in the Big Buffer Pool to the debugger console
PrintCacheStats — Prints various collected cache statistics.
PrintLastBPTime — Retrieves build pipes times and prints them to console
PrintPlayerParams — Prints out PlayerParam info from settings
PrintPlayerPipes — Display the player pipes from the current player
PrintProcessorInfo — Display information about the installed processors.
PrintWrongFormatStatus — Returns if wrong format slide was played
ProfileFix — Change the way we create the clip on the Profile using the extended BVW commands.
PurgeMemoryAndMapperCache — Clears memory and all mapper caches.
put — Store expression into a variable.
QtFatal — Causes Qt to report a fatal error.
QuitMC — Exits from the MediaComposer application
RecreateTitleMedia —
Redir —
RefNullComp — References a null AComposition pointer, causing an error.
RemoveClosedCaptionAttrs — Remove closed caption attributes on clips referenced by record monitor
RemoveMotionCache — Remove motion effect offset keyframe cache if possible
RenameMediaFiles —
reneW — Resets the problem and error counters.
RepairAudioSoundEffectSources — This command repairs audio master clips with missing A2 source information.
RepairSequences — Check sequences for errors and attempt to repair errors
repeat — General looping keyword.
ResampleCapturedAudio — Turn on/off DV audio resampling during capture
ResetCacheStats — Resets collected cache statistics.
ResetDiskBlockSize — Toggle between block size and chunk size for reported disk block size (requires the pipes to be rebuilt)
resetIngestCount — Returns how many in progress ingests are scheduled from a standalone TM
ResetPersistentPerformance — Reset Persistent Performance
ResetTimeStampLogger — Reset timestamp logs. Usage ResetTimeStampLogger
ResizeALBM — ReszieALBM (Size in MB)
RestrictAspectRatios — Repopulate format pane on project window
ReverseEmailSSLSettings — Sets port 465 to use explicit SSL and all other ports to use implicit.
rgbout — Toggle mode for enabling output of RGB.
RPP — Reset Persistent Performance
RTEnableAllEffects — enable all filtered real-time effects
Run — Load a script file & execute any non-definition commands. The script file name is taken literally and must not be enclosed in quotes.
RunScript — Load a script file & execute any non-definition commands. The script file name may be any string expression.
sbHoverScrubTime — Set the wait interval in mili-seconds before hoverscrub starts to engage. Default: 200.
ScaleRequestList — Specify a factor between 0.5 and 2.0 to scale the size of the request list. 0.5 halves the size, 1.0 keeps it the same, and 2.0 doubles it
ScratchMode — ScratchMode [0 = dup, 1 = both]
ScrubLen — Sets the range of frames to use when building the single frame player
Search — Command used to control Search subsystem behavior.
SetAMAProducerCSPOperationMode — Developer command to set operation mode for CSP: 0-Synchronous, 1-SingleAsync, 2-MultiSerialAsync, 3-MultiParallelAsync
SetAMAQTForcedFrameRate — Forces the plug-in to use the specified rate. Usage: SetAMAQTForcedFrameRate
SetAMAQTSettingFloat — Sets settings editor settings to be used by AMA plug-ins. Usage: SetAMAEditorSettingFloat
SetAMAQTSettingInt — Sets settings editor settings to be used by AMA plug-ins. Usage: SetAMAEditorSettingInt
SetAMAQTSingleFrameDuration — Sets duration of a single frame. Usage: SetAMAQTSingleFrameDuration
SetAMAStaticImageDuration — Sets duration of a static image. Usage: SetAMAStaticImageDuration
SetAudioLoopPlayPerformance —
SetAudioTestingState —
SetAutoPan — Sets the pan in the record monitor. Type ‘help setautopan’ for details.
SetAVX2DebugLevel — Set the verbosity of console reporting.
setblipfade — Set num samples to fade blip audio requests (0-24)
SetBorrowCarry — Allow user to adjust borrow carry operations in build-pipes
setBPLTimeout — Setup unlock timeout in msec for Background Process Locker
SetCacheThreshold — sets caching threshold in frames per cache block
SetClipPan — Sets the clip pan in the record monitor. Type ‘help setclippan’ for details.
SetConstantBinTitles — Toggles modification to the bin name in the window title
SetCoreCountingMax — Set Max Core Counting for FTC, 0 = Clear
SetDecoderGOPCacheSizeInSeconds — Command to tweak size of the GOPCache (in seconds of playback) for CATLGDecodeCvt
setdsmserverlog — Set DSM Server log level (0-5)
SetDueTimeBias — sets bias in seconds to decrease PreRead Due times
SetEcho — Flag to echo all executed commands to the console.
SetEmailInfoUI — Brings up Email Info UI
SetExtraPreloadTime — Specify a value to add to the default Preload time
SetHWCommitFrames — Specify the number of frames of video requests that will be committed to the HW pipeline. 0 reverts to the default
SetHWCommitTime — Specify a number of ms of video requests that will be committed into the HW pipeline and will therefore be non-cancelable. 0 reverts to default behavior.
SetISISAudioIOSize — set maximum audio Avid NEXIS IO size in KB
SetMAIOLimit — Sets num of Multi Async per Stream
SetMaxIndexesInMemory — Set Max Indexes in Memory in BYTES ( 0 = Default is 500MB)
SetMaxIndexesToRead — Set Max Indexes To Read in BYTES ( 0 = Default is 2048*5 = 10240)
SetMaxPreloadTime — Specify a maximum amount of time to spend pre-loading data at the start of play. 0 reverts to default.
SetMixdownConserve — Set mixdown memory conserve factor
SetMonitorExceptionVerbosity — Sets the user feedback level used by the AMonitorPane when it encounters player exceptions
SetMouseCmd — Set mouse parameters
setnamefile — Sets preempting input for AFileDialog::NameFile.
SetOpenIOmemoryAmountInMB — Sets the amount of OpenIO memory
SetOptimized3DLUTSize — Set output size of optimized 3D LUT. Use it with ToggleDumpOptimized3DLUTs 1

SetPendingMediaScanInterval — Sets pending media scan interval to provided value (in minutes).

SetPlayerUIbalance — This command alters the delicate balance that adjusts the UI update frequency vs Player underruns/dmfas
SetPlayLoopSleepTime — Sets the per-iteration sleep time of the player control thread in msec when using internal play loop threading.
SetPlayStats — Set the showing of play stats
SetPrecompAutoDelete — Enable/Disable automatic deletion of unsaved precomputes
SetPresigByteTraceLimit — Sets the maximum number of bytes to print during trace of byte-based presig params
SetPresigDebugAllowOffline — Sets whether to print presig signatures for offline precomputes.
SetPresigDebugLevel — Sets level for debug output when presig output is enabled.
SetPresigDebugUseCached — Sets whether to use cached signatures during precompute signature printing.
SetRenderThreadWait — Change the amount of time the scheduler waits to let the render thread run
SetRequestListSize — Specify the size of the request list used for preload & normal 1x playback. 0 returns to default. -1 to display current settings.
SetRescanWarnings —
setrunoncebuffer — Enable/Disable direct sound run once capture buffer.
SetSFStats — Set the showing of play stats
SetShowBuildPipes — Display the player pipes whenever the pipes are rebuilt:
(graph = use dotty graph, new = print pipes in normal left-to-right order, old = print pipes in older backwards order)
SetSleepTime — Set time to sleep between null events
SetSPCTimeout — Set the StreamingPlayConsumer timeout value for stalled pipes
SetSWFXSubPipes — Force upstream effects of a SW effect to also be in SW (default = play). (Type: ‘SetSWFXSubPipes help’ for help using this command.
SetThreadPriorityByID — Sets specified thread to critical priority
SetUndoMan —
SetUpdateWhilePlayingOn — Set whether globalState should be updated during play.
SetVideoVitalsFromTrackGroup — Enable/Disable SetVideoVitalsFromTrackGroup
SetVolumeLatency — Slows down the volume’s I/O to simulate the slow volumes. Latency is in msec
sf — Toggle to display the count of late and skipped frames in the console at the end of streaming play.
ShowACPLOutOfMemory — Toggle if Show ACPL Out Of Memory Error.
showbptime — Toggles display of build pipes times in the console
ShowMixdownMemStats — Toggle showing mixdown memory statistics
ShowNEMPlayStats — Toggle to display StreamingPlay Consumer statistics in the console at the end of streaming play.
ShowNewStyleMulticam — Shows the current state of multicamera operation
ShowPlayStats — Toggle the showing of play stats
ShowPlayStats — Toggle the showing of play stats
ShowSFStats — Toggle the showing of single frame play stats
ShowSystemInformation — Show the System Information
SkippedFrames — Toggle to display the count of late and skipped frames in the console at the end of streaming play.
skipUpdateDRM — Skip updating DRM of referenced mobs on sequence checkout
SlowAsyncReads — Slows down only new async execution model reads.
sod — Toggle mode for stopping playback on dropped frames.
Caution – play with StopOnDrop active will not correctly support any offspeed play (i.e. rates other than 1x forward).
SourceAdapterSuppression — Toggle the ability to suppress source adapter fx in performance-critical scenarios
spc_preloadoverride — Override the preload amount to a specific amount of frames.
StartOfPlayTime — Calculate start of play time. Usage StartOfPlayTime [filter_string]
StartOGLFramesCount — Starts calculating average FPS
StatTest —
StatTest —
StepToTrim —
StopOfPlayTime — Calculate stop of play time
StopOGLFramesCount — Stops calculating average FPS
stopondrop — Toggle mode for stopping playback on dropped frames.
Caution – play with StopOnDrop active will not correctly support any offspeed play (i.e. rates other than 1x forward).
STPDebug — Enable/Disable STP debug. This setting is persistent.
When enabled, debug output will be written to the specified directory. For example: “STPDebug enable C:\temp\STPoutput” or “STPDebug disable”
Subsys — Control the debug parameters. The first syntax is used to set or clear the debug flags for a subsystem. The second syntax is used to read the current value of a debug flag The command ‘Subsys’ with no arguments is used to list all of the available subsystems.
SuppressUnderruns — Turn suppression of underruns on/off. (Type: ‘SuppressUnderruns help’ for help using this command.
SwitchBinSaveWorkflow — This command switches between new BinSave code and old one. Enabling new workflow allow saving Bins in Background.
TargetFormat — Dump the current global target format
tbb — Toggles the usage of the Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBBs) for multi-core optimization
TBBMC — TBBMC [< 0 = display current value, 0 = reset to default, > 0 = set the IL processor max TBB concurrency]
TBBPrintStats — TBBPrintStats
TBBPS — TBBPS [< 0 = display current value, 0 = reset to default, > 0 = set the global TBB thread pool size]
TBBResetStats — TBBResetStats
TBBToggleStats — TBBToggleStats
TCBreakTolerance — Continuous Timeode Checking: If the difference between 2 consecutive timecodes is more than 6 frames,
Avid considers this a break in timecode on the tape. You can override the 6 frame tolerance by setting this value.
TCChecking —
tearingfix — Toggle tearing fix for Source/Record monitor windows
TestBXFExport —
TestColorConversion —
TestOffspeedPlay —
ThrowInDestructor — Causes Qt to report a fatal error.
ThrowInThread — Throw an exception in a thread
tlToggleAbortDraw — Toggle whether aborting draw in the timeline is enabled.
tlToggleDrawTime — Toggle whether printing draw time in the timeline is enabled.
tmDump —
tmDumpAllMethodLists —
tmDumpAllTools —
toggle12BitOutput — Toggle support for 12-bit output
ToggleACESreadFile — Toggle to read specific Granularity file.
ToggleACESWheel — Toggle to read granularity for CC wheel from specific file
ToggleACFClientMonitorForAVX — Toggles use of ACF Client Monitor for avxInstance_v1::DrawToVideoBuffer.
ToggleAMAAutoDetectPlugin — Toggles whether the new AMA autodetect plug-ins are used

ToggleAsyncAMASP — Toggles the default use of asynchronous behavior when reading data through AMA Sample Provider Mode
ToggleAsyncBVO — Toggles asynchronous BVO dispatching of SendBuffers to SDK device
ToggleAsyncPreReads — Toggles Async PreReads
ToggleAVCMetaDataParsing — Toggle parsing of mob avc param set.
ToggleAVXRedraw — Toggle background redrawing when plug-in UI is up
ToggleAVXResizing — Enable/Disable AVX effect resizing
ToggleBGCheckinRefs — Marks items referencing background rendered media for checkin
ToggleBGPreRead — Toggles whether PreReads for Background/non-realtime pipes are issued to Avid NEXIS volumes. (default) PreReads must be enabled (See TogglePreRead)
ToggleBlitStall — toggles blit stall for debug – states: On/Repeat, On/OneShot/Off.
toggleBPL — Toggle Background Process Locker
toggleBPLLog — Toggle logging for Background Process Locker
ToggleBreakpad — Breakpad Testing.
ToggleCachedAMASP — Toggles the use of file cache for AMA Sample Provider Mode
ToggleCacheEWC — toggle whether EWC files/mobs can go through cache
ToggleCacheStats — Toggles the collection of cache statistics.
ToggleCachingMappers — Turns the caching of mapper data on and off.
ToggleCnvtrs — Toggles use of new asynch converters
ToggleDebugTools — Toggle the enabling/disabling of the debug tools – requires restart.
ToggleDefEC — Toggles enabling of deferred tasks for effects
toggledhdump —
ToggleDitheringForVectorscope — Toggle dithering for Vectorscope
ToggleDumpOptimized3DLUTs — Toggle dumping of output optimized 3D LUT. (1=on, 0=off)
ToggleEventLogTool — Toggle the enabling/disabling of the event log tool – requires restart.
toggleEWCcomplete — Toggle clip in Source Monitor EWC complete.
ToggleExtraDebugChecks — Toggle RequestList Extra Debug Checks
ToggleFakeMouseShuttle — Toggles the use of simulated input for the mouse jog & shuttle features.
ToggleFileCachePreReads — Toggles the use of pre-reads when reading through cache.
ToggleFileCaching — Toggles the use of caching when reading media files.
ToggleFileDebugDump — Toggles whether to dump sample len/offset in file on decode error
ToggleGraphPerformanceStats — Toggle use of the performance statistics displayed via GraphPlayerPipes. Enabling these statistics increases BuildPipes time.
ToggleHideLinkMenus — Toggles whether Link menu is visible (Persistent)

ToggleHWDecode — Toggles use of Hardware Decode converters
ToggleHWEncode — Toggles use of Hardware Encode converter
ToggleImageSeqSleepOnBusyDecoder — Toggle Image Seq Sleep On Busy Decoder
ToggleImageSeqUseOriginalDecoder — Toggles the ImageSeq uses Original
ToggleInPlaceRendering — Toggle InPlace Rendering Disabled or Enabled – This is a higlevel override, if the Effect never allowed then this will do nothing
ToggleJogSpeedAdjustment — Toggles the use of simulated input for the mouse jog & shuttle features.
ToggleLogPlaybackIssues — Toggle to display playback issues in the console and Isis client during streaming play.
ToggleMac2QtInspector — Toggle Mac2QtInspector
ToggleMAIO — Toggles Multiple Asyncio per Stream
ToggleMapperLifetime — Toggle Mapper Long/Short Lifetime
ToggleMonCon — Toggle mode for switching between MonCon and DesktopDisplay.
ToggleMonPaneBlip — Toggle single frame display in the monitors.
ToggleMP2Mixdown —
ToggleMPEGCache — Enable/Disable Long GOP media parameters cache.

ToggleMSR — Toggles Multi interleaved-sample reads
ToggleNewStyleMulticam — Toggles the use of new style multicam
ToggleOGLDebugOutput — Toggle printing OpenGL info on screen
ToggleOGLFormatConversion — Toggle OpenGL YUV->RGB Pixel Format Conversion
ToggleOGLOutside — Toggle OGL Outside of the Viewer subpipe
ToggleOGLScaling — Toggle OpenGL Scaling
ToggleOGLTiming — Toggle printing OpenGL timing info on screen
ToggleOGLWaterMarkOnVideo — Toggle a watermark on top of played video
ToggleOlderMattes —
toggleOpenIOEncode — Toggle support for hardware encoding using Open I/O devices
ToggleOptimizedBinFrameView — Toggle optimized bin frame view drawing
TogglePlayThreadCoopJoin — Toggle whether player host thread joins the cooperative thread before calling DoPlay()
TogglePreRead — Toggles whether PreReads are issued to Avid NEXIS volumes
TogglePrintOutWrongFormat — Toggle Print Out Format message printing to console
TogglePSF — Switch the output between true Progressive and PSF out.
ToggleReadRate — Toggles whether ReadRates are osprintf’d
ToggleRequestListTrimming — Allows the request list to be trimmed, by canceling requests, when changing speeds/direction.
togglerunmetersinplaycmd — Toggle doing the meters directly in PlayCmd
ToggleSearchDBAlwaysLocal — Always store search database and phonetic index files locally
ToggleSegmentedIndexProcessing — Toggle use of Segmented Index processing
ToggleSharedVerified — Toggles whether ISIS/NEXIS returns verified. Not persistent.
toggleStatSpace — Toggle statistics space calculation
ToggleThreadedScheduler — Toggles the default use of the threaded scheduler on real-time pipes
ToggleThreadedSFMode — Enables/Disables Threaded Single Frame Mode
ToggleTrackRenderingOrder — Toggle the track rendering order (persisted): Bottom->Top / Top->Bottom
ToggleUseFileCache — Toggles forcing file cache use
ToggleVideoUpdateMode — Toggles the disconnect mode for video file updates.
ToggleViewerVectorscope — Toggle putting the vectorscope into the viewer effect
ToggleViewerVectorscopeAlways — Toggle always making a viewer vectorscope
toggleVQV — Turn on/off video quality verifier
ToggleYUV — Toggles use of board for 1:1 <-> YUV
ToggleZGLDebugOutput — Toggle OpenGL Debug Output
tracefd — Enables and disables file dialog tracing.
tracesuspendresume —
TrimToUpdateDelay —
TSTest — Test TaskScheduler performance
UnderrunOnTag — Debug Only tool – streaming Play will trigger an underrun when target exec tag has completed.
UpdateAudioEffectLibrary — Load added and unload removed audio effects.
useampimixer — Enable or disable AMPI mixer
UseAVS — Toggle between using XML and AVS files (Persistent)

useCrossPlatformColorPicker — Use cross-platform color picker instead of native MacOS panel.
UseLongGOPAVCSplicer — TEMPORARY command to enable/disable the LongGOPAVCSplicer for LongG. For TESTING only.
UseNTSCAudioRate — Toggles use bad NTSC value 29.97
UsePerFrameDecodingMode — Command to enable/disable per frame decoding in CATLGDecodeCvtr
UseThreadedScheduler — Use the threded buffer scheduler or make the schedule calls right from the player->play() loop
ValidateConfig — Validates the current deck configuration against the decks actually connected.
vdmclklog — Additional clock logging.
verbosE — Sets the level of information that goes to the screen. Verbose level must be between 0 and 5. 0 means don’t echo anything, 5 means echo it all. Standard level is 4.
VTRE — Accesses VTR Emulation debug information. Type ‘vtre help’ for more info.
WatchSequence — Toggle watch sequence mode, which watches the integrity of the sequence in the timeline and alerts if it becomes corrupted.
wfAllData — Flushes all the waveform cache data
wfCacheDump — Dumps a SingleLevelWaveformCache’s cache map details to a text file in the app startup folder
wfCacheSizeMB — Sets the Waveform Cache Maximum Size in MB
wfCacheStat — displays memory usage to the console
wfcdump — Dumps Contents of Waveform Cache to File.

wfCmds — Displays commands that affect the Advanced Waveform Engine
wfEngineDump — Dump the WaveformCache state to a text file in the app startup folder
wfForceLoad — Load waveforms from cache now (ignoring persistence)
wfForceSave — Save waveforms to cache now (ignoring persistence)
wfLastDSFact — Reports the last downsample factor requested in GetWaveform()
wfLogCaching — Set log caching params
wfOutlines — Toggle waveform outlines
wfPxlsDraw — Set number of pixels to draw

wfScaleTime — Set the allowed scaling draw time with waveforms in miliseconds.
wfTglAsyncLoadSave — Toggle async waveform cache load/save
wfTglAvchd — Toggle allowing AVCHD media to display waveforms
wfTglDiskRead — Enables/disables reading of waveforms from disk
wfTglDrawCacheMiss — Toggle drawing waveform cache misses
wfTglDrawCall — Toggle waveform drawing implementation
wfTglNewDraw — Toggle parameters for new WF drawing.
wfTglOSTiming — Toggle output of waveform timing into OSPrintf
wfTglPersistence — Enabled/disables reading/writing waveform cache while loading/saving projects
wfTglScaleDraw — Toggle drawing waveforms while scaling.
wfTglTiming — Toggle output of waveform timing into MC console
wfTglUsrAbort — Toggle user aborting
wfTglVerbose — Toggle advanced waveforme engine propagating exceptions
wfTglWCRP — Toggles Suspend – Resume WCRProcessor
wfThreads — For each waveform caching thread, prints mob and range information of what’s being cached.
wfThreads [main] – No option displays current status for each WF-Caching thread. Use option ‘main’ to get performance/load statistics for the main thread.
WorkgroupOverride — Override Workgroup Client support (if any) so the editor will run using stand-alone/non-workgroup behavior.

WriteSizeMegs — Set Megs to Write
XDebug —
xfermgr — TransferStatusWindow debug
xmldebug — Toggle XML settings debugging.

xmllayouttool — Shows the XML Layout Tool

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