MXF or AAF for GRAPHICS only

**** Do not use this for Color or for Audio

Depending on which editor (Avid, Premiere, Davinci) you are using, you may want to discuss with us ahead of time before outputting.  

These are quick recommendations for us to get the media to our systems correctly.  Depending on project scope, scale and variables please contact us if you are having any issues. 

Premiere Exporting to AfterEffects

** You will need to make sure you have the most compatible version of after effects installed for this process.

STEP 1: Duplicate your sequence

This is the most important thing you will do! 

STEP 2: Move the media we will need to topline

If there are titles place them below the line

STEP 3: Select All of the items to be sent in the timeline

Right Click: Replace with After Effects comp

Note: this will create an entire clip on that line from the first frame of the first clip to the last. 

STEP 4: Change the Timecodes to match

First frame of the new clip created should be the starting timecode for the after effect sequence.  This helps for reference. 

STEP 5: AE Collect Files

Go to

File –> Dependencies ==> Collect Files

Be sure all is selected and Collect

STEP 6: Upload to MASV

You can upload directly to our portal.  

** !!! If files are over 100G please reach out to your contact, Kevin, Mike or Steve first. !!  

They should have given you the password for the portal.

MXF from Avid

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Step 1:

Prepare project by putting items for Gpx to TOP line

Step 2

Subclip your sequence

Step 3

Export to file

Step 4

AAF Settings 

Video Only 

Cosoldate Media 120 Handles

Transcode Video DN -HQ-X if working 4K 10B

into SameFolder as MXF