Video Interview Shoot Attire: What not to wear to your video shoot

Preparing for a Video Interviews:

Here’s a list to help you decide what NOT to wear on the day of your big close-up:


  • Pure whites and blacks: such extremes of pure white and black make it difficult to balance the exposure.
  • Intense RED will bleed and make the surrounding objects (ie your face) appear red.
  • Hot colors, like hot pink, green, yellow, purple, orange etc.: they’ll make you look a little bit like an alien
  • Colors that compete with your complexion (ie If you have more reds in your skin tone, don’t wear a red tie. If you are very pale, don’t wear white)


  • Dangly or flashy jewelry: this can be very distracting to the viewer. less is more!
  • Bright or very glossy lip gloss: you’ll have reflective lips.
  • Low-cut or potentially revealing blouses
  • Heavy makeup: the more neutral the better. bring powder or foundation to the shoot to keep just in case

Other Tips:

  • Glasses: unless you’re known for wearing them. non-reflective coated glasses are preferred.
  • Any tight or complex patterns or stripes: the camera will make it look like there are lines moving all around your outfit
    (see pic below for reference)
Avoid busy patterns.
  • Heavy fabrics: those lights get hot. and you don’t want to be sweaty for your camera debut.
  • Really loose clothing: the camera won’t pick up on depth and can make you look larger than life. literally.
  • Really tight clothing: you know why.

What CAN I wear?”

black video camera
Photo by CoWomen on
  • Solid colors
  • Cotton, or light fabrics
  • Contrasting colors: ie gray sports coat and cobalt blue shirt
  • Whatever is most appropriate for the story: ie find out the tone of the video and dress accordingly (professional, down-to-earth, laid back)
  • Bring an extra outfit just in case